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    Welcome to the website of Connecting Canterbury. Here you can find initial information about who we are, what we do and where you can find us. Please have a look around and contact us to see how we can help you.

  • Who we are

    Connecting Canterbury exists to 'help you find support in times of need'. We offer this support in three main ways: being a listening ear, signposting people to advice, and giving practical help. Read our FAQs and Stories page to get a picture of the ways we have helped people in our community.


    We are a Community Bank and Hub, offering access to Canterbury residents in need. Whether help with debt, housing, benefits, finances, budgeting, mental health or something else - our volunteers are available to listen and chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

  • Some of the services we provide

    Helping you find support in times of need


    If you need any support or assistance then come along to one of our hubs and we will try our best to help you. We have access to the internet and can help with form filling both on paper and online. We can signpost to other organisations who can provide the services you may need.


    If you think that some money management or home budgeting training would be of assistance then call in at our hubs or get in touch through the website. We help several organisations run courses and can stay in touch with you afterwards to provide ongoing support and encouragement.

    Credit Union services

    At our hubs we operate branches of Kent Savers Credit Union. Kent Savers offers a range of savings accounts and personal loans to help with Christmas, a holiday, or for the future. Anyone living or working in Kent is eligible, including those who are financially excluded from mainstream lenders.

  • Community Bank

    provided by Kent Savers Credit Union



    Sign up online and receive a Savings Account with Kent Savers, no matter what your credit history or housing situation. Volunteers at our hubs can help you with this.


    Current Accounts

    Once a member, you have access to the Engage current account, including a Visa Debit card and cashback at 100's of retailers. Choose from Engage Classic or Engage Envelopes account (perfect for budgeting).


    Fair Loans

    Members can also benefit from loans at fair rates - a great alternative to payday lenders for those unexpected bills or emergency purchases. All applications are dealt with by friendly advisors who take into account your personal circumstances and situation.

  • Community Hubs

    You can find us across the city on the days below


    Lillie's Cafe at Canterbury Baptist Church 11am to 1pm


    All Saints Church Hall, Military Road from 10am to 12noon

  • FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked questions

    What is a Hub?

    A hub is a meeting place with access to a range of organisations. The organisations usually available are Connecting Canterbury, the Food Bank, Citizens Advice and Christians Against Poverty.

    How is Connecting Canterbury different to other charities that alleviate poverty?

    The two main aims of Connecting Canterbury are to listen and to signpost. We are here for people through the long-term process of getting help for housing issues, debt, money worries and more. We are here to listen and support on an emotional level, while signposting to help from other organisations on a practical level. Feel free to pop into one of our hubs for a cuppa and a chat if things are overwhelming and you need to know where to get help.

    What should I do if someone I know needs help with debt, housing, benefits or money worries?

    Connecting Canterbury provides a sensitive, listening ear and supports those in need by helping them to access emergency food, shelter and clothing. If you see someone who needs help but isn't sure what to do or where to go, please direct them to one of our hubs where we can provide the assistance they may need.

    How can I get involved with Connecting Canterbury?

    We would always welcome more volunteers to help at our hubs! If you are friendly, compassionate and a good listener, get in touch to discuss further how you can get involved (connectingcanterbury@gmail.com). You can also donate towards our work, which directly helps people in need, providing them with heating or electricity, clothing or school uniforms, and many other needs. Please email us on the address above to get involved in this way!

    What other organisations do you work with?

    Our directory lists the various places that help can be found in Canterbury for a variety of issues including homelessness, problems with benefits, debt, counselling, domestic abuse, asylum seeking, money worries, loneliness and more.

  • Stories

    How we've been able to help others in the Canterbury area

    We have been able to provide bank accounts through Kent Savers Credit Union for people who are unable to access mainstream banking. A bank account (that is not overdrawn) is needed in order to receive the new Universal Credit. We can help provide this, even if you have no fixed address or form of...
    Now separated and going through a divorce, a single mother had been struggling to care for her children in a village just outside Canterbury, and she is a regular visitor to the Food Bank. We helped pay emergency fuel and heating bills, and the provision of school clothing. Because of her ongoing...
    18 janvier 2018
    Two mums asked for help, since their sons were moving to a new school in the Autumn, but there was no money to pay for uniforms. Through the kindness of a benefactor, we were able to provide the families with new clothing.
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